Locking Swing Away Mount smallMounting can be used on manual or powered wheelchairs, beds, chairs, tables, desks, any equipment to mount laptops, tablets, communication devices, phones, trays, call bells, switches, any accessories

Mounting can be designed and customised to suit individual clients needs and comfort, and individual equipment (or be interchangeable), to swing or fold away or be easily removed when not in use. 

A1 Wheelchairs are:

  • Direct Importers with New Zealand's largest stock of DAESSY Mounting Systems and Components, distributing both wholesale and retail through New Zealand
  • Specialists in designing, manufacturing, supplying and fitting customised mounting plates, brackets or systems to suit individual needs


The DAESSY Mounting System is a component based system that allows for customization and varying configurations to meet mounting and positioning needs for individual equipment, clients and accessories





A1 Wheelchairs also design and manufacture custom mounting brackets for:

  • Laptops, tablets and communication devices (Where standard plates are not available)
  • Switches
  • Phones
  • Trays
  • Call bells
  • Umbrella and shade covers
  • Drink bottles or cups
  • Fishing rods and guns
  • Photgraphic equipment
  • Reversing cameras
  • and any accessories

For advice or a quote any mounting requirements please contact us we are here to help


Standard DAESSY Mounts for Wheelchairs

  • Rigid Mount
  • Folding Mount
  • Swing Aside Mount
  • Positioner Mount
  • Locking Swing Away Mount
  • Rear Folding Mount
  • Lockable Rear Folding Mount


DAESSY Desk Mounts and Stands

DAESSY Rolling Mounts

DAESSY Mini Series Mounts

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DAESSY Mounting System Components

DAESSY Quick Release Bases

DAESSY Device Adaptors Holders & Mounting Plates

Selecting a DAESSY Mount 


DAESSY Handbook

Fitting a Daessy Mount

Attaching to a wheelchair

Positioning a device & avoiding obstructions

Attaching a device to a Daessy Mount

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