We offer & provide throughout New Zealand:

  • Trials, scripting, sales, delivery & setup for private or funded clients
  • Technical support/parts & advice for clients, funding bodies, therapists & local repair agents

With unrivalled ability these chairs give their users increased independence, inclusion, enjoyment of life & the ability to go almost anywhere!

magic mobility all terrain V4FWD magic mobility all terrain V4RWD magic mobility all terrain V6 magic mobility all terrain X8

Kerbs, steps, gardens, paddocks, farms, beaches, sports fields, mud, sand, even rocks or snow.

They can be found on building sites, farms, stables, parks, in homes, shops, towns & schools around NZ allowing people to continue to work, join in & live their lives.

Fully scriptable with endless customisable options

Our Magic Mobility Indoor/Outdoor All Terrain power chairs are Ready to Trial...